Planting Science M.A.P.S.

Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore They need sun, nutrients, air, and water to grow. They have leaves that photo-synthisize and create food / energy. They can become flowers, vegetables, fruits, or trees. They start as a seed and grow into their larger form. They have roots that take nutrients from the ground. I watered too much, they’ll die. If watered too little, they’ll die. If there are no nutrients in the soil, the plant may grow slower or even die. Some plants are edible, and some aren’t. Or they’re poisonous.
Research Question 1. How does the type of liquid affect how fast the seed germinates? 2. How does the amount of sun affect how long it takes the seed to germinate? 3. How does the amount of air in the plant's environment affect how long it takes the plant to germinate
Predictions A, P & S = If 4 plants are watered with different liquids, then the plant being “watered” with water will grow the fastest. M = if all the plants are being tested then the plant that is being watered with sprite will germinate fastest
Experimental Design Gather Materials SOAK the paper towels with different liquids (lemonade, sprite, water, and milk) Place ten corn seeds on each paper towel Put the paper towels into 4 separate petri dishes Wait for seeds to germinate Record how long it took for the seeds to germinate
Conclusion Water sped up the germination process more than any other liquid. Though milk was also decent, it molded most of the plants, and rendered them useless. Lemonade and sprite seemed to have no effect on the growth, so those liquids are not useful. Water was the best liquid to use because it has all the necessary nutrients (along w/ light, energy, and CO2) to allow a plant to photo synthesize and grow. Milk, though mostly water, seemed to harm more than help the plants. It molded them (even though they somehow still sprouted) and you probably don't want moldy plants, so... Ya. This means water is the best liquid. We are Very confident considering 10 seeds of each different liquid was tested. M.A.P.S. was completely expecting these results, though surprised sprite didn't work at all, and they make the most sense if you think about the different nutrients and molecules in the different liquids.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019