Plant Popping Botanists

Project by group mhsschellingspring2019

Explore Before our experiment, we didn't know a whole lot about plants besides that they go through photosynthesis. Through background research, we have learned that plants play an ecological role in agroecosystems. Beyond this, plans play important roles in the production of food, recycling of nutrients, they regulate microclimates and they detoxify noxious chemicals.
Research Question We decided to test if plants grow better in a biodiverse culture or if they grow better in a monoculture.
Predictions Before our experiment, our hypothesis was...
Experimental Design Our plan was to set up three trials with three seeds. We used Pearl Millet, Peas, and Nasturtium. First, we germinated the seeds for about a week. After they germinated, we planted each specie in their own pot, along with planting all three species together in one pot. Over the course of 22 days, we observed the height and leaf sizes of all of the plants and compared the monocultures to the biodiverse culture. Our constants were the size of the pots, the type of soil, amount of water, and the amount of sunlight. We recorded all of the data we collected in our lab journal.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Session Spring 2019