Plants of the World!- Project 7

Project by group lmcgoshgarianfall2019

Explore From our experiences we have learned that the lettuce, radish, and bean seeds had sprouted in the bag, but the marigolds didn't sprout in the bag. When you want to grow some of your seeds on your own, you shouldn't do the marigolds. Outside of school, for some reason marigolds had always grown, but our marigolds didn't grow. 2. All of our plants have grown in the bag, but why didn't the marigolds sprout with the others? We had learned that we shouldn't plant marigolds in a bag. 3. Why didn't the marigolds sprout?
Research Question We know that it didn’t work for the marigolds. We noticed that the marigolds didn’t grow in the bag, so that is how we found the question. It fits because we knew from the marigolds that didn’t grow.
Predictions The lettuce, beans, and radish seeds sprouted, but the marigolds didn’t grow. We will like to put some fertilizer in the marigolds so the seeds can sprout in the bag. We didn’t really have the 3 key elements and those elements are sun, water, and nutrients. The only elements we had for this project was the sun and water. Then the seeds just didn’t have all of the nutrients they needed to sprout flowers and produce.
Experimental Design These are the materials we need for this project: seeds, gallon Ziploc bags, paper bowels, pins, spray bottle, and masking tape/painters tape. The first thing you need to do is get cool water in your paper bowls. Then you will dump your seeds in the bowls and then wait overnight. The next day you will put the seeds in the bag. On the following day, you will poke a lot of holes in your bags so the seeds have fresh air. When you are finish poking a lot of holes than you will dampen 2 paper towels with the spray bottle with the water in it. Then you will gently place the paper towels in the bag. After you are done with those steps, you will carefully put your seeds in the bag and then you will use your masking tape/painters tape to tape the bags to the window. Everyday you will use your spray bottle to dampen the paper towels and that is how the project works. Could the fertilizer work on the plants or no? We will observe: Could the plants have leaf growth or flowers? Then we will see if it would grow tall or short. Last, did the plants need fertilizer? They were always in Ziploc bags. We will use a data sheet that will measure how tall or short the plants grow in cm. We will measure if the plants produce flowers.
Conclusion You can germinate your seeds in a bag! Most plants don’t need soil! Before this project we thought the seeds would grow about 3cm on average, but at the end the seeds had grown about 10 cm each! We can test many other seeds that produce leaves and flowers!
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level Elementary School (5th grade)
School Name Lake Michigan Catholic
Session Fall 2019