SHS Maclean Spring 2018

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05 Feb 2018

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Dan Maclean

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Service High School

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I would my Biology I students to do real science, not just my worksheets. By real science, I mean an actual experiment that has been decided on as a group, where they do know what the outcome will be. Additionally, I would like them to get experience with growing living things and thinking about life with from a different perspective than just the human one.

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Spring 2018


Service High School

Student Level(s)

High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)

Time Away

Spring Break is March 9 to March 18

Course Name and Description

General Biology

Science background and language skills

Most of the students are ninth graders who are taking this tenth grade class a year early due to their advanced math placement. We have grown and pollinated one generation of Fast Plants already. Otherwise, though, most students have limited experience growing plants.